Welcome to my shooting home page.

I enjoy shooting IDPA, USPSA, & LRTR.

Checkout my Gun Club, Parma Rod and Gun Club                                                       www.parmarng.org

What is IDPA? International Defensive Pistol Assn                                   www.idpa.com

How about USPSA? US Practical Shooting Assn.                                                                 www.uspsa.org

I support the 2nd Amendment, and I don't mean the right to Hunt. If your pro gun, you need to read Gun Facts. Download it here and send it to anyone and everyone.

One of my favorite stages from last summer. Watch it here!   Stage 1

For more great pictures and movies check out the Parma Rod and Gun Web site! It's loaded.

Ever wonder how congress works? Check out Uncle Jay.
                            Here's one of my favorites:   How Congress Works!